D-Lectables™ are hypoallergenic and contain no starch, no gluten and no grain. D-Lectables come in four single protein source varieties: Duck, Rabbit, Turkey, and Bison.


Essential oils have been added to all D-Lectables™ varieties for taste and good health.


Oregano oil is delicious and has an anti-microbial reputation.

Fennel oil supports good digestion and in ancient times was believed to bestow longevity.


Black pepper oil is energizing! Chinese healers use black pepper for digestive issues.


This is a great snack for dogs or cats!


i hearts™

i ♥ Beef™ and i ♥ Turkey™ are  freeze-dried slices of grass fed beef heart and turkey deliciousness which will delight your dog’s or cat’s taste buds as well as support heart health. 


Heart muscle is high in taurine. This amino acid from protein is destroyed during heat processing of common pet foods.


i hearts can be fed to dogs and cats for a nutritious snack. 

N-Trail Mix™ is an organ variety pack that is a hit with dogs and cats.


No where else can you find bite size pieces of brain, kidney, spleen, liver, gizzard and heart with no adulteration, simply freeze-dried and naturally delicious.


Dr. Jodie has been concerned that our little carnivores are rarely allowed to eat organs like their wild predator relatives.


The prey’s organs provide necessary nutrients not found in typical food ingredients. 


Perfect for training and to supplement homemade raw diets. Dogs and cats love this unique snack. 

N-Trail Mix™

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DJNP D-Lectables - Buy 10, Get 1 Free! Mix and match D-Lectable protein sources (Duck, Rabbit, Chicken, and Turkey)


DJNP Freeze Dried Treats - Buy 10, Get 1 Free! Mix and match N-Trail Mix, i (heart) Turkey, i (heart) Beef.