Treatments/ Procedures


At Animal Doctor, we encourage holistic wellness plans that include a natural diet. We set client education and preventative care as our priorities offering geriatric health screening, preventative dentistry and more, but often times an ill pet visit or even an annual wellness exam reveals conditions that require treatment. Treatment of your pet companion could consist of conventional drugs, alternative medicine and/or herbal remedies or perhaps surgical intervention.

Acupuncture, laser, massage treatments, ear treatments are performed in your presence in the examination rooms on a carpeted floor or padded table. Our backroom treatment area is the busiest area in the clinic. This is where a large dog sits comfortably on a rubber pad for a nail trim or venipuncture (blood draw). Small pets are held snugly on a clean, stainless steel table for anal gland expressions or minor wound treatments. Hospitalized pets and clinic pets are nearby to lend moral support.

This same area also houses our dental unit. While under anesthesia, your pet can be treated to a thorough ultrasonic scaling and hi-speed polishing performed by one of our certified veterinary technicians. We encourage preventive oral care through brushing and nutrition (even raw bone consumption). But sometimes extractions are a necessary part of your pet’s treatment. We do not perform dental radiographs. This is a significant added expense, but sometimes is highly recommended. We will inform you if we feel your pet should see a boarded veterinary dentist and receive oral radiographic imaging. This is always your option. Pre-anesthetic blood work is highly recommended and often required for the benefit of your pet. It is important to be aware of congenital (born with) organ abnormalities or developing liver or kidney problems which may cause accurate anesthetic dosages to become deadly if these conditions are undiagnosed prior to drug administration. Thorough blood work is your best precaution! Not all blood work is created equal.

Conventional (allopathic) vs. alternative treatments

We stock and utilize many conventional drugs used as preventatives or treatments, including name-brand heartworm and flea and tick products. But in some cases, we may actually discourage their use and educate you as to the safety and benefits of diatomaceous earth, neem, yarrow, essential oils or garlic for parasite control.To this end, we even formulate our own label summer pest spray called, Furfume. Dr. Jodie attempts to assess each situation very individually when recommending prevention or treatment protocols. Integrative pet care means combining the best of the allopathic (conventional) and holistic worlds to affect the best treatment plan for your pet. Sometimes a conventional drug or surgery is the best treatment for your pet, but an herbal product may minimize side effects or acupuncture may ease post-op pain or influence healing. An annual wellness exam does not mean a trip to the vet for a shot! During your pet’s visit and examination, the Animal Doctor physicians and staff will counsel you regarding pros and cons of particular vaccinations. We encourage checking a blood titre to assess your individual companion’s immune status. He or she may not need a given vaccination based on his lifestyle or titre result. Remember, a vaccination does not provide the protection! Don’t you wonder if you’ve been wasting money on all those vaccines and even putting your pet’s health at risk of reaction or immune-mediated disease by allowing unnecessary vaccinations?