We carry a variety of fun and healthy toys for your pets.

Toys are not a frivolous luxury; they are necessary for a pet's emotional stability and mental stimulation.  Good toys can help prevent anxiety disorders and household destruction.  They can help guardians bond to their pet companions and they can help provide physical exercise.  Poorly constructed toys or subpar materials could be detrimental. Like children, pets always appreciate new toys!

Formerly Animal Doctor Holistic Veterinary Complex in Wisconsin

Now Dr. Jodie's Integrative Consulting, PLLC  

Coordinated by Dr. Jodie Gruenstern in Scottsdale, Arizona

Phone consultations with Dr. Jodie available by emailing 

Dr. Jodie lives in Arizona but would love to consult with YOU! Local vet referral is required.

(This service is not available if you live in California.)





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