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Buy Local, Eat Fresh! Can that include Your Pet?


Wisconsin is a hot bed for fresh, healthy food options for our hungry little carnivores. Organic meats and vegetables are combined everyday by local manufacturers who provide natural diets for dogs and cats. Wisconsinites are also blessed to have a local organic farm produce whole food supplements on an international level for people and pets.

As a holistic veterinarian in Muskego, Wisconsin, I have been amazed at the intensity of well care that pet guardians lavish on their beloved furry friends. Breakfast and dinner not excluded! Many of my clients serve home-prepared raw diets to their pets. My busy customers purchase commercial raw diets. Those pet guardians who need to feed economical, processed kibble are aware of the benefits attained by adding whole food supplements to fill in nutritional gaps created by the heat processing of conventional pet foods.

I have come to rely on the expertise, integrity, and great service of the local pet diet producers who re-stock weekly, the seven freezers on my property with patties, chubs and tubs of balanced raw diets specially prepared for dogs and cats. These generous manufacturers all began their businesses in their kitchens, with the intent to produce healthier meals for their own ailing pets. When they saw results, their home endeavor rapidly spread to preparing foods for friends’ pets and then the public.

Nature’s Menu in Lake Geneva began when a woman realized that her shelter cats wrought with upper respiratory infections and other disorders incited by weak immune systems, blossomed when she fed them fresh meat. Her company evolved, changed hands, but continues to provide highly palatable, high protein meat and organ patties with an organic chicken option or locally raised beef or turkey.

Fresh Is Best, inc. began in a basement in River West when the company owner needed to save her German Shepherd who was afflicted with Addison’s disease. She was very successful. Her dog, Jade, lived a wonderful, long life. Her friends were impressed and wanted to buy the food. In addition to the tubs of beef, duck, and turkey, this manufacturer has recently produced a 100% organic chicken and vegetable chub. This company’s new freeze-dried feline diet is a hit with all of my cats!

Stella and Chewy’s, inc. coincidentally landed their business right down the street in Muskego a few years ago. They wanted to use local sources to produce their product. I have been fortunate to care for Stella and Chewy, two real dogs who have a phenomenal zest for life! S & C’s provides high pressure pasteurized (HPP) Surf’n’Turf, Duck, Duck, Goose and chicken, all of which contain some organic vegetables. HPP gives peace of mind to those pet guardians who have household concerns regarding bacteria in raw food products. In 2012, S&C expanded and moved into a large facility in Milwaukee.

Standard Process in Palmyra manufactures whole food supplements. I think it would be difficult for me to practice veterinary medicine without these supplements. The SP organic farm and production plant is state of the art. I have come to rely on their products to support wellness and to treat dis-ease. This local company provides a wealth of educational opportunities for chiropractors, acupuncturists, other health professionals and even veterinarians. For a medical establishment which historically has been sorely lacking in nutritional education, the Standard Process education provided to our community, by experts from across the country, has been a godsend. There is no question my patients have benefited from what I have learned.

Pet lovers who scoop into a bag of dry kibble, fill a bowl and scurry off to work should think twice. Dogs and cats need fresh food just like we do, and it is available, convenient and affordable. It’s also nice to support local businesses when you know they exist!

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