Protect Your Pet from "Toxins"

Our environment, food sources and even conventional health care are contaminated with toxins bombarding our immune systems everyday. Can you imagine being a dog or cat with your nose to the ground, smelling and tasting everything you shouldn't, licking your paws contaminated by lawn pesticides or floor cleaners and then being expected to handle excessive vaccines?

What can you do to help your aging pet?

Feed fresh food. Decrease vaccinating. Ask your vet to perform blood titres.

Treat lawns with natural products. Use essential oil products to clean your home.

Herbal detoxification products can help a pet’s liver to clear toxins.

Glandulars and nutraceuticals can help prevent or manage common chronic disorders such as arthritis, liver, heart or kidney disease.

NSAID drugs are overused for elderly humans and senior pets.

They can have serious side effects. These may include dry eye, liver or kidney disease, GI ulceration and, yes, even death.

A Chinese herbal called Corydalis has fantastic anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. This and a homeopathic called Zeel have been used successfully in dogs to manage arthritis.

The international whole food supplement manufacturer Standard Process has helped thousands of pets with it’s unique natural approach to human and pet health care.

Most importantly, our little carnivores should eat meat-based diets and less processed carbs. Pets, like their people are facing a diabetes epidemic.

Fresh, raw foods are rich in probiotics, enzymes, fatty acids, antioxidants and good, utilizable protein sources. We all know this kind of healthy diet is the best way to prevent periodontal disease, organ dysfunctions and to instead, flaunt beautiful coats and sparkling , bright eyes!


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