Using this Common Medication could cause Your Cat to Become Diabetic

Felines are more resistant to the negative side effects of this drug than are humans or dogs. However, prednisone, a glucocorticoid is often overused. It may be present in topicals, oral tablets and liquids or injectables. Long-lasting injectables are the most detrimental.

Veterinarians prescribe these liberally to suppress inflammation present with allergic skin and respiratory disorders or gastrointestinal problems such as, Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Prednisone is in the steroid family. It suppresses inflammation and the immune system. It does not correct the underlying cause of the inflammation. It puts the body at risk for infection. Urinary tract infections commonly occur while taking steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Veterinarians often prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection while a pet is taking steroids.

Most conventional ear medications contain an antifungal, an antibiotic, and a steroidal anti-inflammatory. Generally there are less side effects when a topical is used, however, some is absorbed cutaneously and cats groom incessantly and can ingest quite a bit of topical product.

Persistent presence of glucocorticoids in the body suppresses adrenal function. When steroids are rapidly withdrawn this can lead to the inability to respond to stress. Symptoms might be vomiting, diarrhea, weakness or even collapse. Repetitive use causes liver enzyme elevation, excessive appetite and thirst, weakened ligaments, damaged cartilage, and sometimes skin so thin that it will tear. Obesity can be extreme and the development of diabetes is all too common. One feline case developed hyperglycemia whenever a particular steroidal topical was utilized to treat her skin lesions. When the medication was discontinued, the high blood sugar resolved. This scenario was repeatable each time the guardian used the product on this particular cat. In most cases, steroids can be completely avoided or used only intermittently or short term. All appropriate diagnostics should be performed to rule out the underlying cause of an inflammatory disorder before resorting to steroid usage. Even then, there are many alternative, natural anti-inflammatory options which are effective and without side effects.

Among these are omega-3 fatty acid sources, a western herbal called licorice, a Chinese herbal called corydalis, Boswellia carterii or frankincense, chlorophyll and several essential oils. Better yet, provide fresh species appropriate nutrition to give the body the tools it needs to mend its immune system in order to respond appropriately to environmental and food allergens. Healthy food is less likely to stimulate the body adversely. Avoid food additives and sugars which stimulate the body to react and inflame.

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