Fresh Approach to Pet Allergies

Get ready for that incessant scratching that keeps you and your pet awake at night; spring allergens are on their way! Bring out the antihistamines and the corticosteroids…

NO, STOP. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Did you know that studies show that antihistamines don’t work for dogs? Sometimes a pet guardian’s perception is that they help because they make the pet drowsy. When a pet is sleeping he can’t be scratching. But, do you want to cause your pet to be tired all day to control scratching?

Do you want to use prednisone and have puddles of urine in the house as a side effect? Prednisone is a commonly used corticosteroid that will stop inflammation and the associated redness and itching in dogs and cats, but at what cost? It is immunosuppressive and is associated with the development of diabetes, urinary tract infections, ligament weakness, liver disease and more. There are other natural and common sense alternatives to managing a pet’s allergies. Allergies are usually not "cured." The goal is to manage them in a healthy way.

First, feed fresh healthy foods packed with antioxidants and probiotics to support the immune system, so it can process the spring allergens more appropriately when they come to visit.

Second, use an appropriate detoxifying, hypoallergenic shampoo MORE frequently to physically rinse off the offending allergens (molds, pollens, etc.).

Third, add an array of natural anti-inflammatory foods and supplements to your pet’s bowl to work synergistically to combat the allergic response.

Examples of important products to try include: a properly prepared fish oil or krill oil, western herbs such as nettle or licorice, a Chinese formula selected to “dispel wind and clear heat” or even human labeled products from Standard Process such as Antronex or the homeopathic called Heel BHI.

And then, get some sleep!

If you’d like to see some real life success stories, come visit Snoops who lives at the Animal Doctor. Read about our clinic pets, including Josie and Snoopy, the bichon.These pets had suffered from severe seasonal inflammation and are now managed with fresh, raw diet, fish oil alone, or the addition of Chinese herbs, Antronex or BHI.

Read our client/patient testimonials. Realize, we don't profess to "cure" allergies. We strive to help you understand them and to give you tools to manage them in a healthier way.

Additionally, it is very important to rule out all other causes of skin disorders. Don't assume an itchy pet has allergies. There are many causes of pruritus!

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