Green Medicine

What green liquid can you eat, feed to your pet daily and is used to provide iron for anemia, cleanse the liver, balance blood sugar, heal gastrointestinal ulcers and skin sores, improve body odor and bad breath, improve vascular issues and decrease nasal discharges?

It’s Wheat Grass!


The chemical composition of the chlorophyll in wheat grass is similar to human hemoglobin.

This should be your whole food multi-vitamin!

Wheat grass is a stage in the development of the plant before it turns to grain. Therefore, no gluten is present.

It is not only safe, but actually good for those with allergies.

I recommend fresh, frozen, outdoor grown wheat grass whenever possible. The levels of chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals are higher than tray-grown grass.

I put one “green ice-cube” in my smoothie and one in Jetson and Snoopy’s food each day.

Cats are receptive to a small amount of this juice in their canned food as well and it’s not as messy as cat grass.

It’s very convenient!

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