Your Knowledge of Food Energetics Could Help Your Pet

When you touch cinnamon, it doesn't feel hot, but when you eat it, it makes you feel warm. It has a warming energy. Mint has a cooling energy. Meats can be categorized this way as well.

Chicken, lamb and venison are considered hot meats. Neutral are beef and bison. Rabbit and turkey are middle to cooling according to some sources. In general, fish are cooling, as is duck. You can remember that salmon is a warmer fish because it is pink.

A red color is a heat sign and a fiery constitution (personality) is evidence of heat with in. These are eastern concepts or oriental philosophies. It is interesting how often this philosophy makes sense and is useful when making food therapy decisions.

If a crazy, spinning Pomeranian is prone to yeast otitis and urinary tract infections and dermatitis, he probably has red, gooey ears, reddish, cloudy urine and red crusty spots on his skin. His constitution is hot and the red ears and skin and blood are all heat signs. The gooey and cloudy are "damp".

When we select foods for this little guy, we do not want to contribute to these signs; in fact, we would like to try to improve them with food therapy and using these energetics as guiding principles.

Here are some ideas, a place to start. Discontinue any chicken, lamb or venison, these are hot. If the little guy is chubby, bison is leaner than beef. This fiery personality might have some anxiety issues and turkey is high in tryptophan, which is calming. So, turkey is middle to cooling and also calming. It is also a more unique meat than is chicken. It can also be purchased relatively inexpensively. Rabbit is also an excellent choice as it is a unique meat to the market, and makes sense naturally for a dog. And, in fact, dogs and cats with a whole variety of disorders from gastrointestinal to skin do very well on rabbit.

On the cooling end, duck is unfortunately also damp. Some of the Pom's signs were damp. So, duck is not a good choice for this pet. Celery is a cooling and "damp draining" veggie. We could blend a little celery and add a 1/4 tsp. to his balanced, species appropriate, prey-concept diet of turkey or rabbit.

Fish are cooling, but fish proteins in general are more allergenic. (Remember, fish oil and fish proteins are two different things.) I would give this dog fish oil for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Also, last important point, the more processed a food is, the warmer it is. Processed kibble made with chicken is hotter than homemade cooked chicken, which is hotter than raw chicken. Also, kibble contains a lot of ingredients, including starch, which is damp and sometimes hot. Ideally, food therapy is best accomplished with a sensible variety of whole, fresh ingredients.


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