Raw Diets

Dogs and cats are carnivores and digest meat protein better than plant protein. All species should be allowed to consume their species appropriate diet.  As a dog or cat steward, it is our responsibility to mimic the prey-concept diet as closely as possible in the preparation of diets for our beloved pet companions. It is natural for a canine to consume a rabbit and for a feline to consume a mouse.  They are not interested in harvesting, processing and ingesting grains or other starches.


Even conventional veterinarians know wheat is a common food allergen, which often stimulate dermatitis. Livestock producers use corn to fatten feedlot cattle and pork.  These should not be ingredients in carnivore diets. Holistic veterinarians consider highly processed grain diets to be inflammatory or contribute to Damp Accumulations, from the Eastern perspective. Therefore, we are highly supportive of the balanced, prey-concept, raw meat diets.


Regardless of what you're feeding, it is important to change diets very gradually. Use a probiotic to aid transition. Natural kibble diets should be stored in the manufacturer's special, original packaging, in a dry cool area since they contain no artificial preservatives. Raw diets are stored frozen and thawed in the refrigerator before feeding (best stored in Pyrex to prevent leakage and bacterial accumulation). Raw meat diets are intended to mimic the carcass concept, and therefore should contain all the nutrients required for good health. Commercial products can be very convenient and should be fed from stainless steel or ceramic bowls. Also, remember prey is raw but not cold. Never feed cold food. Add hot water and no microwaving! Very little supplementation is necessary when feeding a complete raw diet, but supplements are necessary additions to ANY commercial heat-processed diet (kibble/dry or canned).


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If you have large dogs or quite a few pets, it may be more economical to home-prepare raw food, although this process is time consuming! Here is a link with reliable information about home-preparing. The most common problem with home preparation is inadequate calcium or too many organs at one meal. Follow time proven recipes specifically. If you change a recipe, you could leave out a vital nutrient.