Price list

When is an examination required?


A physical exam is required to assess the wellness of your pet.


An exam should be performed annually in a younger pet and more frequently in elderly or pets with chronic conditions.


If an abnormality is found, vaccines should not be given.

New Client Physical Examination and Nutritional Consultation 



This visit includes a complete examination and discussion.


This charge compensates doctor’s time, education, and decision making.


This fee does not include blood work, urinalysis, fecal flotation, etc.


A new client visit usually takes 60-90 minutes.


Please bring a fresh stool sample and all past records to this appointment, as well as food and treat labels, current supplements, and medications.


*Charge for the first pet. A second pet brought to the initial appointment is an additional $85.00

This exam applies to current clients that have a concern regarding their pet, or with a pet that has an abnormality.


This charge compensates doctor’s time, education, and decision making.


A physical exam is required within one month or at the time of a vaccination appointment with the exception of intranasal bordetella.

This exam is an annual check-up.


This fee includes a full exam, and discussion regarding yearly vaccines, titres, heartworm preventive, blood work options, and advice regarding your pets’ health management.

This is a cursory examination and/or discussion which addresses a localized issue.


This charge applies when the pet is up-to-date on his/her annual wellness exam.

This is an examination and/or discussion which rechecks a prior issue within one month of a previous visit.

This is a face-to-face discussion with a doctor regarding your pet.


This service is used to discuss an ongoing case, or as a follow-up to further clarify test results in person.


We encourage your pet to be present, although an examination is not included in this fee.

Physical Examination
Wellness Examination
Brief Examination
Recheck Examination

These treatments may include dry needles, aqua puncture, or electro as deemed appropriate to the patient needs.


There will be an extra charge for homeopathic injections.



Acupuncture Treatment
Phone Consultation/ New Client

This is a discussion over the phone regarding your pet.


This fee compensates the doctor’s time, education, and decision making.


This charge also covers a full review of your previous records and lab results, and a treatment plan tailored to the special needs of your pet.


*Previous records and lab results are required via fax or email before the time of the appointment.

Please request a tailored estimate specifically for your pet for lab work, radiology, dentistry, surgery, or other treatments and procedures.

Other Potential Charges

This treatment may be prescribed by the doctor at a visit and implemented by a veterinary assistant.


A laser treatment typically consists of two sessions scheduled during the first week, two sessions the second week, and then spread out one week apart.


Most conditions benefit greatly from six sessions.


Some conditions require monthly maintenance.


*Please do not apply any essential oils to your pet at least 48 hours before a laser session.

Laser Therapy*
First location $30.00
Each additional site $10.00
Traditional Chinese Veterinary Diagnosis (TCVM)

This fee is for time involved with tongue and pulse diagnosis, evaluating your pet’s constitution, and selecting appropriate herbal formulations.


This fee is based on hundreds of hours of spent on out of state continuing education by our doctors.


This does not include the cost of any herbs.