nutrition), and genetics. I believe the six most important factors a guardian must provide to achieve maximal quality and longevity of life for his/her pet companion are: unconditional love, safety, exemplary nutrition, abundant exercise, training, and the wellbeing of the guardian's self. Remember, it is difficult for a caregiver to give if he/she is not whole. I encourage you to look at and into yourself during this nurturing process. What can you do to support the health of your mind, body, and spirit? To support my efforts in this regard I became a Certified Health Coach to help pet parents with their needs.


Your initial holistic in person or phone consultation will last about one hour. If in person in Arizona, this visit will include a physical examination. If via telephone, then a recent exam by your local vet is required and a signed referral form which we provide. (Visit for forms and details.) A DVD is available for you and your veterinarian to get everyone on the same page with concepts such as natural nutrition, titer testing, whole food supplements and even essential oils! You may have questions about your pet's physical and personality traits, nutrition, bloodwork options, training recommendations, and other preventative care options or specialist referral recommendations. All this is covered in a holistic discussion.


I focus on nutrition foremost with every consult because I believe you get out of your body what you put into it. There are many excellent dietary options, including raw feeding, supplements, and other health aides for your pet, with which I am familiar. I will guide you towards safe and effective products that your local vet or pet retail shop may carry or let you know of many other resources that exist. 


Our promise to you is to be a guide in the holistic wellness of your pet companion. I strive to empower you to aide in the nurturing of your pet companion. I will be thorough and proactive and have been successful in managing some of the most difficult health conditions. I can be a great asset to your current, local vet. I hope you will find me to be compassionate, honest, insightful, and inspiring. I hope to find you to be responsible, dedicated to your pet, and satisfied with my service!


If this approach suits you, I hope you and your pet companion will become part of Dr. Jodies Natural Pets and that your local vet will become Animal Doctor Holistic Approved!


Our Philosophy


To benefit from our telephone consultation time together and to best promote a high quality of life for your pet companion, it is important that you understand what a holistic approach is to your pet companion's wellness. We believe the best health comes from the integration of western medicine and eastern health practices.This is why I am reaching out to all veterinarians to join me and integrate holistic modalities into their practices! 

Integrative practices are proud to be different.They excel because they have more tools in their toolboxes than do conventional practices. I am offering the Animal Doctor Holistic Approved seal to clinics who join us in this philosophy!


The health of your pet's mind, body and spirit is influenced by your wellbeing, the health of your pet's environment (external forces including hygiene and