Located Under Animal Doctor's Woof!!


Hours of Operation:
Monday 10am to 7pm
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8:30am to 5:00pm
Fridays 8:30 to 3pm

Please call ahead to schedule an appointment.



"I’d like to welcome you and your pet to a clean, smoke free environment. I have a small, safe salon that specializes in tender loving care. I will do everything I can to make your pet feel more at ease and to make their grooming experience a pleasant one. The concept is very open. Dogs are encouraged to run and play."


Kennels are only used for a short amount of drying time or if your pet is too nervous around other animals.


I understand no two animals are alike and I will always do what is best for your “best friend”. If an animal is too agitated I will NOT FORCE any services on that pet. The animal’s safety is the most important thing. It is possible, however, for accidents to happen, no matter how careful I am. I will be sure and let you know if your pet and my scissors meet the wrong way.



Prices are based on the breed, the size and the temperament of the animal as well as the condition and amount of coat your pet has. Extra fees may apply to pets with severe matting or excessive undercoat.

General Pricing

Small to Medium Breeds $45 and up

Large Breeds $65 and up


All breed dog grooming includes:

Complete brush out with a hydro massage bath using gentle, natural shampoos and conditioners

Breed Specific Clip. Your pet will always be trimmed to YOUR tastes and likings

Nail Trim

Ear Plucking (if desired) and cleaning

Anal Gland Expression (outside only)

Do you want that little extra pampering for your pet?

Extra Services during your pets visit include:

Teeth Brushed: $4.00

Blueberry Facial: $5.00

Natural Flea Bath: $5.00 (This bath does not prevent fleas, it only eliminates the ones already on your pet. The shampoo has no residual effects.)

All day visits: $5.00 added to regular grooming fees.


No time for an appointment?

Walk in services include:

Nail Trims: $8.00 a dog

Anal Gland Expression (outside only): $5.00

Eye Trim: $5.00 and up


Just a bath?

Great for shorthaired dogs or to maintain your pampered pet.

Prices start at $25.00 (depending on size) and include:

Complete brush out and bath.

Nail clipping.

Ear plucking (if desired) and cleaning.

Tidy trim up of feet, eyes and rear end if necessary.

Q. How long will the grooming take?

A. Most complete grooms take between 2 and 4 hours depending on the time of the appointment and the condition of the pet’s coat.


Q. Can my pet stay all day?

A. Yes, however there will be an extra fee added


Q. Can I stay and watch?

A. After years of experience I have learned that most animals stay excited while their owners are still in view. Once out of sight, your pet settles in and becomes focused on me. It is important to stay out of sight if you see your pet on the table being groomed.




All pets must be current on vaccinations or titers. Bordetella is not required.

In order to keep costs to you lower, in the event of your need to cancel an appointment, I do request a 24-hour notice prior to your scheduled time.


There will be a $25 returned check fee



Why should I have my dog groomed?

Some pet owners confuse grooming with clipping. Clipping is only one procedure in the grooming process. Overall grooming includes bathing, brushing, clipping nails, plucking and cleaning ears, parasite control and anal gland expression. Although the most obvious result of these procedures is an improved appearance, the major benefits to your pet are increased comfort and perhaps even improved health.


Do all dogs need grooming?

All dogs need an occasional bath, but it is more important to keep your dog combed and brushed, especially if there is long hair. Matted hair can cause skin problems and unnecessary discomfort for your pet. If neglected too long, it might eventually necessitate a lengthy grooming session, which could be uncomfortable for your pet and expensive for you. Regular brushing, on the other hand, improves his skin tone and his circulation, and makes his coat healthier.


My Dog has a strong odor. Bathing does not seem to help. Why?

It’s possible that his teeth, his ears or his anal sacs are responsible for the problem. I may be able to help you to determine the nature of the problem. Anal glands are small sacs located on either side of the rectum. They sometimes need to be emptied. If this is the cause of your dog’s odor problem, bathing alone will not solve it.


My dog scratches all the time, what could be the problem?

The common reaction is “Oh No Fleas” but scratching is often caused by dry skin or allergies. This could be the result of excessive bathing, dry climate, nutritional deficiency, or the wrong type of shampoo. Medicated baths administered correctly can often help. I will be happy to work with your vet in using special shampoos.


Still worried about fleas and ticks?

Check with Animal Doctor for Essential Oil Insect Repellent.


Should I bathe my dog before taking him to my groomer?

It is not necessary, since I will always bathe your dog. One of the worst problems that confront groomers is that of working on a dog which has been bathed without being properly and completely brushed out. The result of such a practice is a coat that is so firmly matted that a short clip is the only solution. If you bathe at home, always brush the dog’s coat out completely BEFORE the bath.


What type of brush should I use?

That depends on the type of coat, however most dogs need a good slicker brush to get the mats out, with a follow up comb through with a strong comb. There is also a “correct” way to brush. Check with your groomer for the right tools and the proper way to use them.


My dog doesn’t behave when I try to brush him at home. Why does he stand still for the groomer?

Most dogs tend to be on their best behavior with groomers. Many times a dog which reacts badly to grooming at first will learn to accept and appreciate the process as he becomes more at ease with the groomer, and he realizes how much better he feels after grooming. This is especially true in younger puppies. Even though a three-month-old is not in need of a full groom, he should be taken to the salon to get him used to grooming gradually. Soon he will learn to accept grooming as a happy experience.

It is rare to encounter a dog with a drastic temperament problem. In these infrequent cases, I may ask the owner to check with their vet about possible solutions to make the pet feel more at ease. Animal Doctor has natural products that may help. This protects the pet and enables me to complete the grooming quickly. IF A PET IS TOO AGITATED, I WILL NOT FORCE ANY SERVICES ON THAT PET. SAFETY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING.

Groomers DO NOT administer tranquilizers





Animal Groomer Ellen Mack and Porter

I graduated from the Wisconsin School of Professional Pet Grooming in 1995 and began grooming in Hales Corners, staying with the business as it moved to Muskego. I am now happy to be working in the same building as Dr. Jodie. Animal Doctor and Animal Groomer under one Woof! My goal is to create a happy, healthy, safe environment for your pet. My own home is shared with two Poodles “Cole Porter” and "Lola", a Jack Russell “Dashiell Hammet", and a cat “Truman”.