Freeze- Dried


Freeze-dried foods are an excellent source of nutrition for your pet.  They can be fed dry as treats, depending on the brand, or rehydrated and fed as a meal, depending on the balance and intent.  They are a convenient version of a less processed type of food.  Many are freeze-dried balanced raw, prey-concept diets. Some are simply organs, which are exceptionally healthy treats.  Others are a blend of meats, vegetables and whole grains or a grain-free, gluten-free version which may contain potato or quinoa.


Balanced, freeze-dried diets may be combined with kibble to add fresh ingredients to the processed kibble.  Freeze-dried may be combined with balanced raw diets to extend the raw to defray costs.  The key is to combine only independently balanced diets.  Combine to satisfy your budget and your pet's pallet.  Texture matters. Addition of freeze-dried can manipulate palatability.  Some can be carried in your pocket and make great training treats.



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