Examination/ Consultation


The health of your pet's mind, body and spirit is influenced by your well-being, the health of your pet's environment (external forces including hygiene and nutrition), genetics and our (the clinic's) well-being. We believe unconditional love, safety, exemplary nutrition, abundant exercise and training are the five most important factors a guardian must provide to achieve maximal quality and longevity of life for his/her pet companion. Your initial holistic consultation and pet's complete physical examination includes approximately 30-45 minutes of discussion regarding your pet's physical and personality traits, nutrition, blood work and training recommendations and other preventative care products or treatment options or specialist referral recommendations. We can discuss your impact on your pet's life, how you can help to prevent or treat conditions of which you may be concerned.


This complete conventional physical examination, in-depth consultation and viewing of our introductory video video and service fee is $125.00 for new clients. Diagnostic tests, such as blood work, radiographs,  are additional.


A separate and additional oriental tongue and pulse examination and review of your pet's constitution is available, if Dr. Jodie feels a Chinese herbal formulation is appropriate for your pet. The charge for this service is $35.00.


In addition, Dr. Jodie can perform a similar Eastern assessment and your pet's first acupuncture treatment for 75.00. (Tongue and pulse evaluation is included if acupuncture is performed.) Follow-up acupuncture sessions are $55.00.


After your pet has received his initial physical examination and has been established as an Animal Doctor patient, he may receive a laser treatment, massage, essential oils advisement, supplement advise and refills, or other modalities offered at the complex.


Please schedule re-check appointments. Follow-up is very important to your companion's wellbeing. Veterinary technicians often make follow-up calls to check your pet's progress or to report test results. Please respect the doctor's busy schedule; a minimal charge is necessary for a doctor's telephone consultation. Your pet is always best served by seeing the doctor. Most conditions are not well assessed over the telephone. Re-check appointments, brief exams, brief consults, technician services and annual wellness exams are all at reduced fees and scheduled and charged as appropriate.  Some clients request reminders for bi-annual exams, especially for aging pets.



We have available many diets, supplements and other health aids with which we are familiar and trust the safety and efficacy of the products. We have carefully selected the items we stock for a variety of well-intended reasons. We use many of these products for our own pets. We are always interested to learn of other diets, nutraceuticals, herbals or treats. We would be happy during a consultation to help you analyze an ingredient label, but please do not ask us to endorse a product that we do not stock. Please bring ingredient labels and your partially used supplements to each visit so that we can discuss your difficulties and successes in the proper utilization of these. Your purchase of our products does support our business and staff well-being. This income also helps to keep consultation fees lower.


Our promise to you is to be a guide in the holistic wellness of your pet companion. We hope to empower you to aide in the nurturing. We are proud to be considered over the top with client education. It is in your pet's best interests that we train you to correctly medicate an infected ear, for example.  Many chronic ear disorders are due to improper application.  We spend a lot of time explaining to clients the whys and the how to's behind our recommendations. We are frequently asked. "Why didn't my previous vet tell me that?"  Well, it takes a lot of time to tell a client everything they need to hear!  We're happy to spend that time with you!


In order for new clients to hold an appointment or for existing clients to schedule a surgery, we require a $25.00 deposit. This fee is applied toward your visit. This deposit may be paid via credit card, check or cash. Once payment is received, we will schedule the appointment or surgery. We require a 24 hour notice to cancel any appointment or surgery. Clients agree to forfeit the $25.00 deposit if less than a 24 hour notice is given. Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated.