Hematology (CBC), blood chemistry, thyroid panels, special tests for other hormonal diseases (LDDST, ACTH Stim), pancreatic disorders (TLI, PLI,cPl, fPl), gastrointestinal disorders (cobalamin and folate) cytology, microbiology, histopathology, urine analysis, heartworm tests, tick-borne disease panels and titres. Dr. Jodie takes pride in being a "blood work nut." She says, "Blood work tells us so much about what is going on inside the body that a physical exam alone cannot tell us. We never want to miss a diagnosis because we fail to recommend basic blood work." In addition to providing in-clinic blood and urine analysis so that urgent care treatment decisions may be made, Animal Doctor utilizes the services of top veterinary specimen analysis labs across the country, including Marshfield in Wisconsin, IDEXX in Illinois, Michigan State University and the Wisconsin State Diagnostic Health Lab.



We have a number of tools available to aid in the diagnostic process.

Some of these are:



Animal Doctor has full-service x-ray capability. In addition, we are able to e-mail or mail images to internists, radiologists or surgeons for specialist consultations. Radiographs may be recommended if your pet has a cough or you suspect arthritis, for example.


Animal Doctor utilizes ultrasound, if necessary, to obtain urine samples via cystocentesis and to visualize the bladder environment. Dr. Daniel Heder is available by appointment to perform and evaluate complete abdominal sonograms with his state of the art, high quality equipment. We are very fortunate to have his expertise and this valuable service so readily available and so reasonably priced. Your pet's tummy will be shaved, but there is no discomfort. The procedure takes about 20 to 30 minutes while your pet lies in a quiet, darkened room on a soft, padded table. No sedation is necessary.
Animal Doctor offers in-clinic echocardiograms. Dr. Heder generates the images and provides a review and  detailed report of your pet's case by a boarded cardiologist. This is a convenient and very reasonably priced service. Dr. Jodie might recommend this diagnostic test if physical examination reveals a heart murmur or if blood work indicates an elevated proBNP. This is a peaceful procedure. Your pet will be held gently on a padded table in a darkened room with a pillow under his/her head.  A small area of fur will be shaved from the sides of the chest.  The procedure takes 15 to 30 minutes to complete.

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Our ECG is a telemedicine service, again evaluated by a specialist. This can be rapidly provided as a pre-anesthetic screen or if a heart arrhythmia is suspected. Your pet lies on his/her side on a soft quilt for this procedure which only takes a few minutes. Four tiny metal clips are placed on her skin. Her body generates an electrical message which is transmitted over the telephone. The ECG result is rapidly reported back to us.  

Blood Pressure

We can test for hyper/hypotension in your dog or cat. Pets can have blood pressure problems especially if they have heart or kidney disease, hyperthyroidism or Cushing's disease. One of our certified veterinary technicians (Kati or Nancy) may ask you to sit on the sofa by the fireplace or fountain with your pet on your lap. This allows us to accurately measure blood pressure in a relaxed environment - much like your own home! You may decide you would like us to manage your pet's high blood pressure with an herb rather than a conventional drug. Let us know how you feel about the natural approach. Many of our patients are maintained successfully this way.


Tongue and Pulse

A tool used by oriental practitioners to arrive at a diagnosis is the tongue and pulse evaluation. Particular observations of the color or thickness of the tongue or the character or rate of the pulse can be correlated with excess or deficiencies of energy flow which may lead to disease. Dr. Jodie and has been trained to use this unique skill and talent to choose appropriate Chinese herbal formulations or acupuncture points as a course of very individualized treatment for your pet companion!