Meet Our Clinic Pets

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All of these clinic pets have been given a second chance at life by Animal Doctor. You can find them roaming around the clinic or in kitty camp.

Did you know that your purchases continue to help resident pets to exist?!


Hundreds of pets would have been euthanized if Dr. Jodie had not intervened. Some were strays and brought in to the clinic for help.  Others were difficult cases with guardians who felt unable to deal any longer with the situation and relinquished ownership.  Many were "fixed up" and placed in new homes.  Some were adopted by compassionate employees.  Dr. Jodie has kept a "few."  Unfortunately, some have been unadoptable due to their chronic disorders, so they live with us permanently.  Others are still hoping to go home to a real bed.


Here are some of their stories. Click on their image to learn more about each pet.

Formerly Animal Doctor Holistic Veterinary Complex in Wisconsin

Now Dr. Jodie's Integrative Consulting, PLLC  

Coordinated by Dr. Jodie Gruenstern in Scottsdale, Arizona

Phone consultations with Dr. Jodie available by emailing 

Dr. Jodie lives in Arizona but would love to consult with YOU! Local vet referral is required.

(This service is not available if you live in California.)





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