Meet Dr. Carly Yaeger

Does Your Pet Need an Adjustment? 

Look For These Signs:

  • Animals displaying signs of pain

  • Low neck carriage

  • Reluctance to sit, play or jump

  • Excessive vocalizing, whining and crying

  • Muscle tension or weakness

  • Lameness

  • Unable/unwilling to climb stairs or jump on furniture

  • Weakness

  • Known arthritis

  • Trouble chewing

  • Sitting with legs to one side

  • Carrying the tail abnormally

  • Abnormal posture

Dr. Carly Yaeger is an Animal Chiropractor at Animal Doctor Holistic Veterinary Complex. She is also a Young Living Oils distributor and human chiropractor at Health Wise in Hales Corners, WI 

Dr. Carly is available to see your pet at Animal Doctor on Mondays and select Saturdays. If you think that a chiropractic adjustment would benefit your pet, please call 414-422-1300!

Formerly Animal Doctor Holistic Veterinary Complex in Wisconsin

Now Dr. Jodie's Integrative Consulting, PLLC  

Coordinated by Dr. Jodie Gruenstern in Scottsdale, Arizona

Phone consultations with Dr. Jodie available by emailing 

Dr. Jodie lives in Arizona but would love to consult with YOU! Local vet referral is required.

(This service is not available if you live in California.)





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