Raw Diets

Dogs and cats are carnivores and digest meat protein better than plant protein. All species should be allowed to consume their species appropriate diet.  As a dog or cat steward, it is our responsibility to mimic the prey-concept diet as closely as possible in the preparation of diets for our beloved pet companions. It is natural for a canine to consume a rabbit and for a feline to consume a mouse.  They are not interested in harvesting, processing and ingesting grains or other starches.

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Freeze Dried

Freeze-dried foods are an excellent source of nutrition for your pet.  They can be fed dry as treats, depending on the brand, or rehydrated and fed as a meal, depending on the balance and intent.  They are a convenient version of a less processed type of food.  Many are freeze-dried balanced raw, prey-concept diets. Some are simply organs, which are exceptionally healthy treats.  Others are a blend of meats, vegetables and whole grains or a grain-free, gluten-free version which may contain potato or quinoa.

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Natural Kibbles

Although they may still contain unwanted starches, our natural kibble diets are a high quality healthy alternative to standard kibble foods. Evolving into a healthy diet can be like climbing a ladder, one step at a time.  Better nutrition is relative and unfortunately cost and convenience is a real factor. Generics and grocery store kibbles are at the bottom of the ladder, "premium" are next, "natural" above those. I place canned foods next, as they are high in meat and moisture.  Above these are properly home-prepared or commercial raw diets because these are unprocessed, full of moisture and devoid of excessive carbohydrates of which carnivores have no requirement.

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Natural Canned

We stock a wide variety of high quality, healthy natural canned foods for your pets. Canned food is a great source of meat and moisture.  But, remember, it is still heat-processed, so many nutrients are degraded.  Four basic supplements should be added to all processed foods, these are: probiotics, enzymes, omega 3 fatty acids, wholefood vitamins and minerals. Canned food may be added to dry kibble to increase palatability, meat protein and moisture.  Canned may be added to raw to achieve a yummy, gravy consistency. 

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We carry a wide variety of healthy, delicious treats your pets will love!  Most consumers shopping this site are very conscientious about what they are feeding their pets.  So, remember when choosing treats don't undo the good you are doing with a specific diet by purchasing an inappropriate treat.  Learn to read ingredient labels especially when selecting treats.  Treats often contain the worst ingredients.  That shouldn't surprise us, not only is that true for pet "biscuits", but people cookies too.  Also, everything is relative.  Ingredients that may be OK for one pet may not be acceptable for yours due to a specific sensitivity or allergy or energetic.  Please visit links to learn more on some of these topics and to view specific ingredient labels.


We stock a variety of quality western and Chinese herbal products.  Animal Apawthecary is formulated by Greg Tilford, author of Herbs for Pets.  Dr. Jodie has met and studied under Mr. Tilford who is a Master Herbalist and dog lover.  His herbal formulations are glycerin extracts which are much more palatable to dogs and cats than are the human alcohol extracts.

Mediherb is the western herbal line affiliated with Standard Process.  Standard Process is an extremely reputable international company locally based in Palmyra, Wisconsin with an organic farm and incredible manufacturing plant, which we have been fortunate to visit.  The Mediherb products come from Australia where herbals are viewed as pharmaceuticals.  They must prove safety and efficacy.  Chiropractors and naturopaths have relied on these supplements formulated by the famous Dr. Royal Lee for over 75 years.  We utilize the human line and the newer veterinary line for our dog and cat patients.

Natural Path is a Chinese herbal line formulated by Dr. Steve Marsden, a highly respected holistic veterinary colleague, Oriental Medical Doctor, and naturopathic physician.  These herbals are prepared under the strictest of quality control measures.  Dr. Jodie studied under Dr. Marsden at "A Time to Heal," an herbology teaching facility in Illinois.

Jing Tang is the Chinese herbal line formulated by the world renown, Dr. Huisheng Xie, an oriental veterinarian who was hired by the University of Florida School of Veterinary Medicine Neurology Department to perform acupuncture on expensive race horses.  His work there was so successful, that two neurologists and others followed him to develop the Chi Institute, a most revered school for veterinarians who wish to become certified in acupuncture, herbology, food therapy or tui na.  This is where Dr. Jodie became a certified Veterinary Acupuncturist and food therapist.

Essential Oils

Purchasing Young Living Essential Oils

Whether you are interested in using  natural health products for your pets, your home, and/or your family, you have the option to purchase directly from us, or order the most genuine oils in the world directly from Young Living and save!

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