The Animal Doctor dispensary stocks standard veterinary pharmaceuticals as well as an extensive array of nutraceuticals, western and Chinese herbals. This availability allows us to reach for the best approach to your pet’s care to achieve rapid health management. Medicine may include conventional antibiotics, antihistamines, anti-inflammatories, cardiac drugs or dewormers. Natural remedies may be homeopathic, herbal, glandular or essential oils.



Some reputable brand names you may recognize include Animal Apawthecary, Standard Process, Medi-herb, Jing Tang, Natural Path, Thorne, May Way, Aloha Medicinals, Young Living, Vetri-Science, Liquid Health and many more. We ask that you request product refills at least 48 hours before you will need them. Doctors need time to review your pet's record before authorizing a refill. Please be specific with the receptionists and technicians as to current dosage you're giving and how your pet is doing. This helps the doctor with making follow-up, refill and dosing decisions.


Western Herbals 



Chinese Herbals 







Whole food supplements/Glandulars






Essential Oils