Please enjoy our introductory video and then make an appointment for your pet to visit us as soon as possible!  If you live far away, call us to arrange for a telephone consultation.

New clients should consider purchasing pet insurance before their first visit. If an abnormality is diagnosed, this becomes a preexisting condition which will not be covered if insurance is purchased after the first examination. Our clients use a variety of different insurance companies and several different types of coverage.  Most are very pleased that they have invested in this type of protection for their dog or cat. Some companies cover portions of routine care such as annual visits, spay or neuter surgeries. Others have lower premiums, but cover only major medical.  A few even cover alternative care such as acupuncture and veterinary spinal manipulative therapy.

It pays to research insurance options before you need it!


Embrace Pet InsurancePets Best InsurancePet Plan Insurance
Trupanion Pet InsurancePet Insurance Dog  Cat Cancer Fund


(We are not affiliated in anyway with these companies.  We provide these links because we are aware of the good reputations and longevity in the field of these businesses.  Our opinions are based on feedback we have received from our clients.)